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Small Business Success Stories

Small Business Success StoriesJim Morgan is a full time home-based woodworking business owner. He started out in 1995 with a 10×12 foot space and built a small but thriving woodworking home business with no capital outlay within the first year. He had to figure everything out all on his own and made a few mistakes in his first year in business. Yet he still earned over $108,000 in sales that first year working only part-time about 20 hours per week. Now, he earns an average of $9,567 every month from his home business.

His personal passions are his family, carpentry, helping others through his woodworking website and golf. Jim also enjoy movies, traveling, card games and hiking in Utah. He lives in Cypress, Texas with his wife and 2 sons.

Virtual Expansion Services, LLC

Small Business Success StoriesJennifer Ledbetter is one of the Top 25 Rated People in the Internet Marketing business. She has been invited as a top earner of Clickbank to an exclusive MasterMind event that was held in Boise, Idaho. She is a member of Clickbank’s Apex/Premier Program for 3 years now. The Apex Program is only for top-performers.

She lost her job back in the summer of 2005. She was “ok” financially – but in reality, not so much. While she could pay her bills and stretch each dollar to work the best it could for her family, she didn’t have savings or any “extra” money for fun things, let alone all those “extras” that 4 kids need.

Through a series of random events, she discovered Internet Marketing and was instantly hooked. It was The Answer for her so she set out to learn all she possibly could in order to generate income from the internet.

Her problem was that she didn’t have MONEY to invest into the things she needed to really make good money online. She had to figure out a way to make good money using all FREE methods so she could then, take those earnings and reinvest them into her business. She now runs Virtual Expansion Services, LLC – a successful internet business that she built from scratch.

Click here to get Jennifer’s FREE e-course online that teaches how to write articles and how to make money from them. That course is called TheDamWay (no, it’s not a bad word – D.A.M. stands for something).

Logistic Dynamics, Inc.

Small Business Success StoriesDennis Brown is the CEO of Logistic Dynamics, Inc. (LDi) that has been featured multiple times by INC. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.

Dennis founded his freight brokerage, LDi, back in 2003 as a one-man operations with no industry experience and has helped to grow the company to over $24 million a year in revenue in 2010 and over $30 million in 2011.

After hundreds of requests to train freight brokers and agents, he decided to offer a very comprehensive but affordable online freight broker training program called