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Pet Grooming Business Plan

Pet Grooming Business Plan

Pet Grooming Business Plan

If you love animal and take pleasure in spending time with them, you may decide on beginning a mobile pet grooming business. Beginning a mobile pet grooming business requires a lot of time and effort but it is certainly rewarding with the privilege of working and earning for yourself doing something you love. As a pet groomer, you will have the ability to take care of various pets,in addition to communicating daily with other people that love animal as well. You will additionally enjoy the advantages of being your own employer and even deciding your own work hours.

Making an Income Doing Something You Love

Locate a state licensed dog grooming program in your area. Many of these programs only take between one to six months to complete. Completing the program will be a valuable resource within itself. Training is necessary in this field since you will have to know how to handle different animals with different behaviors.

Why There’s a Need for Pet Groomers

Pet groomers provide a significant service to many people that own pets. There are a lot of reasons why pet owners depend on pet groomers. Some people have a lack of physical strength or ability to groom their own pet or may be unable to contain their own pet throughout the grooming procedure. Other owners maybe don’t have time.

What Services will you Offer

Choose which services you would prefer to offer and which different types of pets you would prefer to groom. Most groomers restrict themselves to cats and dogs. You could consider offering brushing, baths, designing, trims, and massages. You may also offer more complex services like oral cleaning, pet work out, and pedicures.

How to Start a Mobile Pet Grooming Business

Generate a business strategy. Create a checklist of resources and materials you will need, for example a vehicle, one that is large enough to accommodate this type of business or to transport supplies to customers’ residences, dog brushes, shampoo, tubs, and so on. Also, compute the initial startup fees within your business plan. The calculated cost of beginning a mobile pet grooming business (which includes your vehicle) is around $10,000 to $50,000. As with any business, you will be subject to specific state and federal tax implications. With that in mind, it may be worth your while to adopt an internet tax prep system beforehand. Choose if you would like to manage your business part time or maybe full time, if you decide to employ workers, and how much income you would like to make annually in your new profession, and attach all these details to your business plan.

Create a Marketing Plan

Create a promotion blueprint. Create a list of all the local establishments that you can promote your business. Good examples include veterinarian clinics and pet stores, supermarket bulletin panels and some other public bulletin boards. Create business cards, leaflets, fliers or perhaps other informational material and circulate them to everyone you encounter. Consider getting ads published in your local newspaper, the Yellow Pages community journals and virtual services like Craig’s List.

Consult with your business management department or county government to learn about permits, zoning, and insurance protection mandates for your business. Usually, you’ll be required to submit specific applications to the necessary division and pay a required fee. If you decide to employ laborers, you may need to supply them with worker’s compensation insurance coverage in case they receive injury as a result of an animal.