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How to Start a Pool Cleaning Service

How to Start a Pool Cleaning ServiceA pool cleaning service involves keeping the pumps and filters running, adjusting the water’s chemical balance, scrubbing and skimming when necessary and taking care of the area around the pool like overgrown trees and shrubs. Generally it is keeping a pool clean.

What you need to know

It is important for one to fully understand the pool cleaning industry before getting into it. Understand what is expected of you from your clients to be . If you have no clue, it would be helpful if you would spend time with a reputed pool cleaning practitioner and learn directly by observing and taking part in the activity; you will learn what a client expects. Some states require medical certification for pool cleaners attending to public and health club pools, spas and Jacuzzis.

Some clients might require an open book test to be sure of your expertise. Clients are very keen on pool cleaning services and require excellent performance because a clean pool reflects efficiency. The pool cleaning business booms on summers or on areas where the climate is warm all year round but you might find all year round spas and internal pools even in the cold climate areas. During the off season you might not get business.

It is also important to note that there are some health hazards that may arise from the constant exposure to the sun and frequent contact with the pool chemicals. Lastly you need to be physically fit because it is a taxing job.

Tools of Trade

Of course you will need cleaning tools, a visit to your local pool equipment supply store will give you a variety of equipment that you might need. Skimmers of varying sizes and poles are essential. Keep in mind the various pool types in terms of depth when determining the pole sizes to buy. The obvious longer pole for a deeper pool and the medium 12 foot pole for the standard pools. Some poles are shorter but with extensions so you will find something that is easier to work with.

There are chemicals needed to keep the pool water at the required PH level. It is important to find out the best chemicals to buy from the supply store keepers. There are chlorine-free and chlorine-based chemicals. It is advised to buy both because clients may have different preferences.

Chemicals expire quickly and may not last till next season. So make sure you buy what you will use for the whole season to avoid wastage. You will need other items like a brush, a water testing kit and a certification license in some states.

Do a Market survey

It might be difficult to build a clientele at first but eventually you might make it depending on how you have done your homework. You have selected the area you want to set up your pool cleaning service. It is important to find out how many pool cleaning services are in the area and what their rates and services are.

If you intend to be their competitor what would you do different? Find out if there are enough potential customers in the area to avail your services to. Do proper marketing; advertise, introduce offers and bonuses, make fliers, radio adverts, the classifieds, social media, depending on your affordability. Once you get clients, your service will speak for itself and you will either have a loyal client following or no clients.